A Killer App for Learning Games… Google Slides

We have been experimenting with our Code Master coding game, using Google Slides we have reformulated the play medium from cardboard to graphic tokens that slide across a screen, included youtube videos that teach how to play and describe the skills being learned. 

We are testing the Code Master project now. If this works, there is a big opportunity waiting. Next step is to figure out what other game types this program can support, and what types are not appropriate.  As a first pass, here is a list of 17 Google Slide Learning Games that possibly could work within Slides.

Google Slide Puzzle and Game Examples

Here are six classic token moving puzzles, teacher favorites from 20 years ago

ThinkFun specializes in multi-challenge logic puzzles, these six puzzle examples are taken from the ThinkFun game catalog and archives


Here are five classic two player strategy games. This is a different play pattern, two players have to be sharing the same file at the same time to play. If this turns out to be a popular way to play with two players reacting to each other in real time, lots of possibilities open up!