Sample dmr Thesis Pages



Take a look at Page 56

Presented here within a cross-hatch grid, this is an example where all characters including sub-and-superscripts conform exactly to a 12 line per inch standard.


Page 139 is another example showing how well these characters conform to a 1/12” by 1/12” grid. 

Notice the six line sections down the page where two extra blank 1/12” lines have been inserted to add spacing between sections.  


Page 136 begins with a 5-layer mathematical expression, 1 superscript above and 3 levels of subscript below the main line.  For this equation and everywhere on the page, examine how closely all of these complicated layers of characters conform to this 1/12” grid.


SAMPLES 4 & 5:

Several of the thesis pages, including Page 63 and Page 66, format differently, there is not a foundation of 3 primary lines per inch here.  Nonetheless the 1/12” by 1/12” grid tracks perfectly with the placement of the characters and lines with both these pages.

SAMPLES 6 & 7:

Not all characters fit to the grid at all times. 
Thesis Page 47 and Page 152 are representative examples where some of the characters have strayed off the grid.  See the marked areas on the images for detail.



Page 97 is a high water mark for off-grid sub/superscripting. 

We’re not sure what was happening here.  It’s interesting to note that several of the off-grid equations follow a similar pattern, and even though each is off the grid they are all off the grid in the same way.  These aren’t random fluctuations, they are off-grid patterns.

SAMPLES 9 & 10:

Page 76 and Page 106 each feature a special superscript which seems to follow 1/24” rather than 1/12” calibrations.  Take a close look at the circled equations, how do you explain this?



Page 52 is filled with characters that stray off the grid.  However, closer inspection reveals that most of these off-grid expressions are very similar to each other.  Each individual math expression is indeed off the grid, but they are all off the grid in the same way.  This is not random!



The REFERENCE pages at the back of the thesis don’t fit smoothly into the 1/12” by 1/12” grid.  The line spacings stray slightly down the page, in a similar way to the MIT theses of the day.  Could it be that these REFERENCES were typed separately, using a different typewriter, from the main body of the thesis?